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Have you or a family member had life turned upside down by an unexpected injury? Have you been forced to stop working, and now face a mounting pile of medical bills? Have you lost your sense of yourself, your special spark?

At Gideon Asen LLC, our Portland personal injury lawyers and caring staff have decades of experience helping those injured because of careless or wrongful conduct—whether the wrongdoer is a driver, doctor, multi-national corporation or insurance company. You should not be forced to live and suffer from the consequences of another’s bad choices.

Lots of lawyers make fancy claims. We have the results. No other lawyers in Maine have recovered more money for their clients over the past decade than we have. We are here to help. More than help, we offer to stand and fight for you—to be your CHAMPION.

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What should i do if i have been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?


Clients often come to us for our specialized expertise handling medical malpractice cases, knowing only that they or their family member has suffered a devastating medical injury caused by questionable medical care. It can be hard to know why the medical injury happened, because doctors are often not up front in explaining it.

Our free Medical Malpractice Case Evaluation Process is guaranteed to get you the answers you deserve. Take a look below, then give us a call for a free consultation today!

How the Process Works

STEP  - 1
Initial Telephone Case Overview: Contact us to schedule a 30–60 minute call with an attorney to discuss the facts of your case.
STEP  - 2
Medical Record Request: We will gather pertinent medical records and diagnostic imaging.
STEP  - 3
Record Review. We will review your medical records carefully.
STEP  - 4
Case Evaluation Meeting. We will meet with you to review our detailed evaluation and recommendations for the case.
STEP  - 5
Expert Review. If we recommend moving forward with the case, we will retain highly qualified medical experts to support your case.
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an Experienced, Caring & Compassionate Team

With decades of experience and results, our entire team is here to help you through the most trying times in your life with skill, caring and compassion. We are selective about the work we do and our clients are more than just cases to us. Often, we remain close with our clients and their families years after the case ends. We believe strongly in team collaboration, because each attorney and non-attorney member of our team adds unique skills, perspective and value that we can bring to achieving the best possible result in your case.

Benjamin Gideon
Benjamin Gideon

Attorney, Partner

Taylor Asen
Taylor Asen

Attorney, Partner

Meryl Poulin
Meryl Poulin


Deserée Davis
Deserée Davis

Senior Paralegal

Gideon Asen LLC
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Expertise in Personal Injury

Our attorneys offer expertise and proven results in a broad range of personal injury cases in Portland, from two-party auto accidents to complex, multiparty litigation against some of the most powerful corporations and insurance companies in the United States. Either way, if the case is the right fit for our firm, you will benefit from the focus and energy our dedicated, high-caliber personal injury team will bring to your case.

How Can Hiring The Right Personal  Injury Attorney Help Me Win My Case?

How Can Hiring The Right Personal Injury Attorney Help Me Win My Case?

If you’ve been hurt in an accident and are seeking monetary compensation in a case with the potential for a significant settlement or jury verdict, no decision will be as important as which lawyer you choose to handle your case. If you don’t think it matters, ask yourself this: How many Superbowls do you think the Patriots would have won without Brady and Belichick?

For serious cases of high monetary value, or complicated cases, like medical malpractice, industrial, maritime, trucking and product defect cases, the difference in lawyers can mean the difference between winning and losing or getting a low settlement or a high settlement.

Vet them accordingly. If a lawyer cannot answer these questions to your satisfaction, keep looking.

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    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

    In a recent medical malpractice suit on behalf of my late husband, Ben and Taylor knew the minute intricacies of the case and exhibited incredible compassion amidst the impact of the loss of my husband and the father of our children. Throughout the process they were responsive to my many questions and were patient and clear all along the way helping to prepare me for what to expect. Thankfully they did the heavy lifting to bring the case to a settlement. I am forever grateful. Ben and Taylor treated me with respect and care and not as a faceless case.

    Barbara K.

    Portland, ME

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    How Long Do I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim In Maine?

    The Statute of Limitations for personal injury actions in Maine is six years from the date of injury (tolled for minors until age 18). This is one of the longest statutes of limitations of any State in the country. However, it is never a good idea to wait, because witness memories fade and important evidence such as the condition of the accident scene, crash vehicles, video or audio surveillance, or damaged equipment and machinery, may be lost if not secured promptly following an incident. The investigation of the claim should begin almost immediately following any serious accident.

    Note that different deadlines may apply to personal injury claims in Portland against the State of Maine (365-day notice requirement) or Federal Government (2-year notice of claim deadline). Also, the Statute of Limitations for medical malpractice actions in Maine is three years from the date of the alleged malpractice event.

    How Long Do I Have To File A  Personal Injury Claim In Maine?

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