Auburn Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Depending on the nature of a sexual assault, survivors may suffer physical injuries and emotional pain. Some assaults do not come with outward signs of physical trauma, which can lead to skepticism among law enforcement.

Individuals who have had these traumatic experiences can seek justice through the civil justice system. In a civil lawsuit, you can pursue compensation for damages, including emotional damages and trauma linked to the assault.

To learn more about how legal counsel can support your case, consult with an Auburn sexual abuse lawyer from Gideon Asen, LLC. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys can help you every step of the way and ensure your rights are protected.

Understanding Sexual Abuse Laws

Maine criminal law provides substantial guidance on sexual assault charges per Maine Revised Statutes Annotated tit. 17A § 251 et seq. The state no longer has a crime labeled rape but has expanded its criminal law to be more inclusive. The prohibited sexual offenses under state law cover the following criminal actions:

  • Gross sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse of minors
  • Visual sexual aggression against a child
  • Sexual misconduct with a child under 14 years of age
  • Solicitation of a minor to commit a prohibited act or for commercial sexual exploitation
  • Unlawful sexual touching and contact
  • Prohibited contact with a minor

It is important to note that unlawful sexual touching includes contact with the breasts, buttocks, groin, or inner thigh. These expanded laws prohibit any sexual contact without consent, which is a much broader definition than older laws.

Additionally, it is illegal to engage in unwanted groping, and the law recognizes this as a form of sexual assault. An Auburn-Lewiston lawyer who handles sexual abuse cases can take a survivor-centered approach, which means they will focus on their client’s needs and well-being.

How Legal Counsel Can Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault

Many survivors are uncertain whether they want to pursue a claim against their offender. They may fear encountering their abuser or worry that the system will fail them.

An Auburn attorney can help survivors of sexual abuse get justice for themselves. A civil judgment does more than provide money to help individuals recover from physical injuries and lingering psychological trauma. It is official recognition that what the offender did was wrong, validating the survivor’s experience.

For many survivors, this recognition is as important as any monetary damages. Meet with a hardworking lawyer at Gideon Asen, LLC today to learn more about how a legal professional can make a positive difference in a sexual assault case.

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Some survivors may not want to share information about an assault because of lingering societal bias. All consultations with our Auburn sexual abuse lawyers are confidential, providing a safe space for you to explore your remedies without needing to commit to our services.

Getting justice through the criminal justice system is challenging and can cause many survivors to feel revictimized. A civil suit is one way to help you receive a version of restorative justice. Schedule a consultation with a seasoned personal injury attorney at Gideon Asen, LLC today to find out more.