Common Truck Accident Injuries in Auburn

Vehicle crashes involving commercial trucks carry an exceptionally high risk of causing harm. Common truck accident injuries in Auburn are more traumatic because of the weight difference between a tractor-trailer and the typical passenger car.

In addition, semi-trucks carry large loads that create a high center of gravity, making them more likely to roll or jackknife. This can also increase the risk of a collision involving multiple other vehicles.

When you experience a severe injury, the effects can be long-lasting, and treatment and recovery may take an extended time. Medical care costs and property repairs can be substantial, and your life could be permanently altered in some cases. A dedicated semi-wreck attorney with Gideon Asen, LLC, can relieve some of the burden by helping you recover a financial award for your damages and losses.

Truck Crash Injuries and Compensation

Truck accidents can significantly harm those involved. The common injuries seen in tractor-trailer wrecks in Lewiston-Auburn include:

A person’s injuries will directly affect the compensation they can recover from the at-fault driver in the collision. Damages should also include any future medical costs or expenses incurred by the injured party.

These costs could involve ongoing physical therapy, in-home or hospice assistance, or modifications to an injured individual’s house to make it accessible, such as installing a stair lift. With the number of expenses to consider, it is crucial to hire a reliable attorney who can coordinate efforts between medical experts to accurately predict a person’s future costs from their injuries.

Deadlines for Filing a Truck Injury Claim

In Lewiston-Auburn, even if a person involved in a truck wreck experiences one of the common injuries listed above, there is limited time to recover fair damages. The state has enacted 14 Maine Revised Statutes § 752, which provides that a lawsuit must be filed within six years from the date of the crash or, in some cases, when the injury was discovered. If the hurt driver does not file a lawsuit before that deadline, their options to recover will be extremely limited.

Even with several years to file a claim, it is best to speak to a lawyer with Gideon Asen, LLC as soon as possible. There are some exceptions where the deadline might be less than this, and a seasoned personal injury attorney can analyze the context of a situation to determine their client’s deadline.

Additionally, waiting until the last minute can make winning a case more challenging. Successfully bringing a lawsuit after a collision requires proving that the other driver was at fault. Over time, certain evidence may be lost, and eyewitnesses may lose memory of the event. A lawyer can stay on top of their client’s case and meet all required deadlines.

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When you have been involved in a serious tractor-trailer wreck, the aftermath can be as overwhelming as the initial crash. Partnering with an attorney who works on commercial vehicle collisions can increase your chances of obtaining compensation for your losses.

A lawyer can help you analyze your situation and compare it to common truck accident injuries in Auburn to determine recoverable damages. Call a hardworking personal injury attorney with Gideon Asen, LLC today to learn more.