Bangor Truck Accident Lawyer

In Maine and across America, we heavily rely on commercial vehicles to fulfill several of our daily needs. Trucks are the most efficient way to carry cargo and freight around the state and country. As a result, many commercial vehicles travel through Bangor every day.

Unfortunately, these large and unwieldy vehicles can sometimes get into accidents. The impact of a truck accident can be devastating, leading to life-altering consequences for victims and their families. Victims can suffer physical, emotional, and financial losses due to the negligence of another driver or trucking company.

If you or a loved one is recovering from injuries sustained in a trucking collision, you may be eligible to pursue legal action against those responsible. A Bangor truck accident lawyer can assist you with this process and help you recover the compensation you deserve for your suffering. Contact Gideon Asen LLC today to discuss your unique case with a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Who Might be Liable for a Truck Crash?

Determining who is liable for a passenger vehicle accident can be extremely complicated, especially without legal guidance. If one of the motor vehicles involved in an accident is a truck, issues of liability can become even more complex. As an attorney can further explain, several parties may potentially be liable for a Bangor trucking crash.

Truck Driver

Many accidents occur because of negligent and unsafe driving practices. Truck drivers could be legally responsible if they caused an accident due to inattentiveness, drowsiness, speeding, reckless driving, or drunk driving. Even if a negligent truck driver caused the crash, other parties may still play a contributory role in the accident, which could make them partially liable for the resulting damages.

Trucking Company

The trucking company that employs the at-fault driver could be held responsible for the driver’s mistakes. Further, any trucking company that encourages its employees to speed up or meet unreasonable deadlines could be liable if an accident ensues. If the trucking company intentionally or negligently hires a driver with a poor driving record, they could also be responsible for damages. The trucking company could also be liable if they failed to inspect and maintain their trucks regularly.

Owner of the Truck

If another party owned the truck, they could be responsible for injuries resulting from a trucking crash.

Trucking Manufacturer

If defective parts caused the truck to malfunction, the truck’s original manufacturer could be liable.

Loading Company

The company responsible for loading the freight into the truck could be liable if the crash was caused by unsecured or unbalanced cargo.

It is possible for more than one party to be legally at fault for a trucking accident. A diligent attorney could investigate the crash to identify all responsible parties. From there, they could create a comprehensive claim for damages that adequately compensates an injured claimant.

Possible Injuries in Trucking Collisions

Everything in a trucking crash is significantly larger than in a collision involving two passenger vehicles. For example, if a small sedan suddenly comes to a stop, another passenger could rear-end them. Many of these rear-end crashes between two similarly sized vehicles result in simple fender benders.

However, if a large truck rear-ends a small sedan, the force of the impact could send the sedan careening into another car, possibly resulting in a multi-car pileup. People in passenger vehicles often have no protection or defense against a large truck. Consequently, the injuries sustained in trucking crashes are almost always catastrophic or even fatal.

A knowledgeable Bangor attorney can handle the legal aspects of a truck accident case while the injured party focuses on recovering.

Speak With a Bangor Truck Accident Attorney Today

If you or someone you know has been injured in a trucking crash, it is essential to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. This is because it is important to preserve evidence in order to hold the responsible party accountable. An experienced Bangor truck accident lawyer can help victims of trucking crashes gather the necessary evidence and build a strong case against the responsible party. They can also provide guidance on how best to proceed with legal action and ensure that victims are fairly compensated for their losses.

Gideon Asen is experienced in litigating cases involving truck crashes. Below are descriptions of some of the cases Gideon Asen has brought or is currently bringing:

A case involving the death of a man who collided with a truck with insufficient lighting;

  • A case involving a truck crash resulting in significant burns;
  • A case concerning a woman run over by a commercial motor vehicle;
  • A case involving a family whose vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, resulting in catastrophic injuries
  • A case concerning a head-on collision between our client and a large commercial motor vehicle.

Allow an attorney from our firm to review your legal options and guide you through the complexities of your accident claim. The attorneys at Gideon Asen LLC will not let large trucking corporations and insurance companies take advantage of you. We will ensure that you thoroughly understand your rights and that your voice is heard. Call our firm today to discuss your situation during a confidential consultation.