Truck Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes in Portland

When someone is not careful to inspect all of their blind spots, an unsafe lane change can easily lead to a wreck. These crashes can lead to anything from a minor fender bender to a fatal collision. When one is a large commercial vehicle like a truck, the odds are much higher that the accident will lead to significant property damage and injuries.

Trucks have several blind spots, and trying to keep other drivers out of those areas is nearly impossible on city streets or other heavy-traffic areas. If truckers are not vigilant, they can end up causing a wreck.

You may be entitled to compensation when you are injured in a truck accident caused by unsafe lane changes in Portland. A dedicated truck collision attorney can help you understand your rights and potential remedies.

Laws Surrounding Unsafe Lane Changes

Under Maine Revised Statutes Title 29-A § 2051, a driver must keep their vehicle in a single lane as much as possible. Additionally, they cannot move from that lane until they know it is safe. The law is not specific and leaves it up to the driver’s judgment whether making a lane change is safe. Some signs that a lane change is unsafe include the following:

  • A failure to signal
  • Beginning to change lanes when someone is alongside a vehicle
  • Changing lanes over a solid white line
  • Changing lanes when someone could be in a blind spot

Many believe these collisions are automatically the fault of the person changing lanes. However, some drivers may speed into a lane, regardless of whether someone is signaling and has already begun to change lanes.

Injuries in Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Crashes caused by unsafe lane changes can lead to several types of injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries to name a few.

A Portland lawyer can help reconstruct a truck wreck to determine whether an unsafe lane change caused it. They can also calculate damages from resulting injuries and help their client pursue compensation.

Modified Comparative Negligence

Per Me. Rev. Stat. tit. 14 § 156, someone can collect damages in a personal injury case, even if they share fault. However, the damages are proportional to the amount of fault. Therefore, the court must determine the percentage of blame attributable to all parties and reduce the damage award accordingly.

A plaintiff can only recover if they are less than 50 percent responsible for the accident or injuries. If they share half or more than half of the blame, they cannot recover from the other parties. A Portland attorney familiar with unsafe lane change truck collision cases can help identify whether their client has a potential claim.

Learn More About Truck Accidents Caused By Unsafe Lane Changes in Portland Today

Unsafe lane changes are a leading cause of wrecks nationwide. Many of these crashes result in minor physical injuries and property damage. However, the injuries can be severe when a large truck is involved. You may be dealing with a painful and expensive recovery and the person responsible should help pay for those damages.

Contact the team at Gideon Asen LLC to learn more about truck accidents caused by unsafe lane changes in Portland. A compassionate personal injury attorney can explain your potential remedies and help you in the claim process.