Fire and Explosion Injuries in Portland

One of the hallmarks of modern civilization is the provision of utilities like electricity and natural gas. However, issues and malfunctions can occur, leading to a fire or explosion. People near the incident may be hurt, and harm can extend to emergency service personnel who respond to the scene.

If another party’s negligence leads to your fire and explosion injuries in Portland, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact a hardworking utility accident attorney with Gideon Asen, LLC to understand your potential remedies.

Causes of Propane and Natural Gas Explosions and Fires

Under normal circumstances, Portland propane and natural gas lines should never explode or catch fire, causing injury to those nearby. While safety guidelines for these systems should prevent this, manufacturing, installation, or maintenance errors can still occur.

Defective connectors or valves, improper venting, and leaky pipes, hoses, and tanks can all contribute to a fire or explosion. In addition to issues on the utility company’s side, faulty products or maintenance contributed by the consumer can also lead to serious accidents.

Determining the cause is the first step in establishing negligence. A seasoned lawyer at Gideon Asen, LLC, can assist with investigating how a fire or explosion happened and proving who is liable for their client’s injuries.

Powerline Fires and Establishing Liability

Powerlines are another potential source of fires in Portland, commonly due to downed transmission or distribution lines. Additionally, if a transformer blows, it can lead to an explosion.

Determining fault can be complicated if a powerline is involved in a utility fire or explosion injury. It requires establishing the at-fault party who caused the harm and how individual negligence contributed to the accident.

Showing fault can help parties prove third-party liability for their claims, especially for workplace injuries. An attorney in Portland may go beyond the official investigation and work with professionals to prove the cause of a fire or explosion that caused their client’s injuries.

Worker’s Compensation and Fire and Explosion Injuries

Construction workers, plumbers, and electricians are at a higher risk of injuries from fires and explosions than other people. Additionally, firefighters, police, and ambulance workers face danger when they respond to the scene of these accidents. If any of these individuals sustain injuries in the course of employment, then they may have a workers’ compensation claim.

While these claims prevent employees from suing their employers, they do not stop someone from filing a third-party claim against the utility company. Even if an injured person is already pursuing a worker’s compensation claim, they can still explore other remedies. A reliable Portland lawyer can help navigate the best route for addressing a workplace injury caused by a fire or explosion.

Get in Touch With an Attorney to Discuss Fire and Explosion Injuries in Portland

A fire or explosion is a traumatic event that can lead to severe physical and emotional injuries. If you or your loved one has been hurt in this type of accident, it is only fair that the responsible party pay for your injuries.

A hardworking lawyer can help investigate the causes of fire and explosion injuries in Portland. If a utility company is responsible for the accident, they may be liable to you for your damages. Call Gideon Asen, LLC. today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your options.