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Biddeford Woman Breaks Her 30-Year Silence on Sexual Abuse
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Biddeford Woman Breaks Her 30-Year Silence on Sexual Abuse

After three decades of keeping the sexual abuse she endured a secret, Julia Russell is ready to tell her story. Her civil trial against Philip Chenevert in U.S. District Court in Portland began in October.

Chenevert, a former family friend of Russell, has been accused of sexually abusing her for two years in 1990. At the time, Russell was only six years old. She first spoke about her story in July of 2021, hoping to help other potential victims to speak out about their experiences. For Russell, the trial is more about holding Chenevert accountable for his actions than anything else.

Since sharing her testament, two other women have come forward claiming they were also sexually abused by Chenevert as young children. According to Russell’s attorney, Taylor Asen of Gideon Asen LLC, the similarities between Russell’s and the other women’s accounts were incredibly strong, making it hard to believe that they were only coincidence.

All victims stated that Chenevert was a trusted family friend. He also was said to have constantly pursued ways to spend time alone with these women when they were children. He would express interest in their hobbies and take them out to the movies. It was reported that Chenevert took advantage of the children’s material desires, buying toys and clothes to award them for sexual encounters.

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