Auburn Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting into an accident can change your life in an instant. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may be left with several physical, emotional, and financial losses.

If another person’s negligence caused your accident, they should be the one who bears the burden of paying for all those inconveniences. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done due to how state law in Maine governs personal injury litigation.

Fortunately, there is help available from seasoned legal professionals with extensive experience handling personal injury claims. Whether you were hurt by a car crash, a dangerous property condition, a defective consumer product, or even negligence by a medical professional, speaking with an Auburn personal injury lawyer may be a crucial first step towards obtaining the financial recovery you deserve. There may be a limited time to act in your situation, so do not delay. Contact Gideon Asen LLC today to discover your legal options.

Getting Fair Compensation for Injury-Related Losses

The impact of a personal injury extends far beyond the bills for emergency medical care. To start, medical expenses for personal injuries are rarely a one-and-done type of loss. Injured parties often have to recover for future expenses like rehabilitative therapy and assistive equipment in addition to their initial ER bills.

Loss of income is another thing that can be impactful in both the short and long terms. This is especially true if an accident victim is left with a catastrophic injury that permanently reduces their ability to work at all. Other economic losses that commonly factor into civil claims include personal property damage and out-of-pocket expenses for things like rental car fees after an auto wreck.

It is also possible (and often vital) to recover for non-economic types of harm as well, including physical pain from injuries, psychological trauma from the accident itself, and lost enjoyment and/or overall quality of life. An Auburn personal injury attorney can go into further detail during a private consultation about what damages a specific plaintiff could recover for and what sum financial value they might have.

Determining Liability for an Accident

Proving the existence of compensable losses like the one mentioned above is just one component of holding someone liable for a personal injury in Maine. In fact, there are four things a prospective plaintiff must be able to prove through “a preponderance of all evidence” to have valid grounds for a settlement demand or lawsuit:

  • The “defendant,” or the person or organization being sued, owed the injured “plaintiff” a legal duty to protect them from harm by acting a certain way
  • The defendant acted unreasonably in a way that directly breached their aforementioned duty
  • That breach was the primary and direct cause of an accident resulting in physical injury, specifically an injury bad enough to necessitate professional medical care
  • All the losses the plaintiff wants payment for stemmed primarily and directly from that injury and/or accident

Guidance from a seasoned personal injury attorney in Auburn can be essential to understanding this legal theory of “negligence” and building an effective civil case around it.

Trust Your Case to an Auburn Personal Injury Attorney

Understanding the basics of personal injury law in Maine is just one vital aspect of recovering fair restitution for injuries suffered in an accident. Unfortunately, there are numerous other restrictions and rules on cases of this nature that can be extremely complex to address and understand. Proceeding with a lawsuit or settlement demand without capable legal counsel on your side may decrease your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

Representation from an Auburn personal injury lawyer can make a world of difference in your ability to enforce your rights and hold a negligent person liable for their actions. Contact our firm today to learn more about how Gideon Asen LLC could assist you with your claim.