Portland Medication Errors Lawyer

Medication errors are relatively common in America, and 7,000 to 9,000 people die each year. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common types of medical malpractices. There are three primary types of medication error: pharmacy error, poor medication reconciliation, and failure to warn. If you suffered harm because of a provider’s mistake, reach out to a Portland medication errors lawyer right away. A committed attorney could help you pursue the payments you need.

Pharmacy Errors and Pharmacist Malpractice

As a Portland medication errors attorney could explain, a medical malpractice claim occurs when a pharmacist or trainee fails to follow a physician’s prescription order. This is because they fill the prescription with the wrong drug, wrong dosage, or dispense the correct dosage in the wrong forum. Other pharmacy malpractice types include giving medication to the wrong person when the pharmacists know it is contraindicated or negatively interacts with another medicine.

When Does a Pharmacy Error Fall Under the Main Healthcare Security Act?

Any claim against a health care practitioner acting within the scope of their employment has to go through a prelitigation panel process. As described by the Maine Health Security Act, a health care practitioner is a physician and all other certified, registered, or licensed in the healing arts. But the act also outlines that pharmacist may be considered healthcare practitioners in certain circumstances like providing medical advice, but they are not healthcare providers. Therefore, liability cannot be disputed in these types of pharmacy error cases.

Medication Reconciliation in Portland

Medication reconciliation ensures that all the medications a patient takes are safe to bring together in the directed doses. The standard also requires care because it helps prevent medication errors in a hospital setting. Medication reconciliation errors may occur during transitions of care when a patient’s care is transferred from a hospital to another care facility. The accepting physician has to carefully review the discharge orders to make sure they are appropriate and check the mediation.

Failure to Warn Risks

All drugs have potential side effects, so a physician is not always liable when a patient suffers an adverse event, but a physician must act reasonably in dispensing medication. This means giving proper warnings to patients. Anyone who suspects that their physician acted negligently in dispensing medication should speak with a medication errors lawyer in Portland as quickly as possible.

Discuss Your Options with a Portland Medication Errors Attorney

Medication errors are a common cause of patient injury and death. A skilled Portland medication errors lawyer must investigate the case carefully, especially the potentially liable parties. Reach out to our office today to find out more.