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Recently Filed Notable Cases

  • Court Decision Order: Gideon Asen recently represented a woman who was injured in a fall at an Air B&B. This case was one of the first civil trials in the Covid era in Maine and represented important legal issues about the duties of a property owner who turns a personal residence into a commercial business. Following the trial, the Judge found for the plaintiff and awarded $245,000. Click here to learn more.
  • Erma Hasu v. Marcus Hermansen: Gideon Asen recently filed a motion requesting leave to file a First Amended Complaint in a New Hampshire case in which Gideon Asen represents a 4-year-old girl and her mother for serve brain injuries which occurred shortly after the girl’s birth. The newborn developed necrotizing enterocolitis resulting in bowel necrosis and perforation, bleeding, cardiac arrest, and hypoxic brain injury resulting in spastic quadriparesis and cerebral palsy. Click here to learn more.
  • Lynn Rathbun v. Jeannette L. Andrews, D.O. and Stephens Memorial Hospital: Gideon Asen recently filed suit in a medical malpractice case on behalf of a woman who suffered injuries from a retained foreign object left inside of her after hysterectomy surgery. Click here to learn more.
  • Shannon Rollins-Allen v. Northern Clearing, Inc: Gideon Asen represents a woman whose vehicle was hit by a trucker working on the CMP Corridor. The crash resulted in catastrophic personal injuries to her and the death of her husband. The complaint is available here.
  • Barbara Ring v. St. Joseph Hospital: We represent a patient who developed an epidural abscess that went untreated in St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor, Maine, for thirteen days and resulted in quadriplegia. The Complaint is available here.
  • Scott Arnold v. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center: We represent a patient who presented to EMMC with back pain and upper and lower extremity weakness, but was not properly and timely diagnosed and went on to develop permanent quadriplegia from a spinal epidural abscess. The Complaint is available here; this was also covered by The Bangor Daily News as well.
  • Jennifer Phair v. Great Plains Trucking Company: On September 13, 2021, Gideon Asen filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Estate of Robert Phair against Great Plains Trucking, an interstate trucking company. The trucking company was operating a flatbed tractor-trailer truck in violation of Federal law that requires reflectors on the sides of the trailer to illuminate the truck during nighttime driving. The truck as originally manufactured had the required reflectors, but they were removed and obscured over by dark-colored awnings used to cover merchandise. The tractor-trailer driver attempted to execute a dangerous left-turn from a Kubota dealership onto Route 4 in Auburn during busy nighttime traffic. The driver failed to yield to oncoming vehicles and positioned the trailer across the Northbound travel lanes of the road. The speed limit in that area is 55 mph. Several vehicles approached and all had difficulty seeing the trailer in the road given its lack of proper illumination. The pickup truck driven by Robert Phair likewise was unable to see the truck until it was too late and crashed into the side of the trailer. Mr. Phair was hospitalized with severe injuries as a result and later died in the hospital from those injuries. Gideon Asen represents Robert’s daughter Jennifer Phair who has been appointed Personal Representative of her father’s estate. Click here for the full complaint.
  • Castonguay v. Mac’s Convenience Store:  Gideon Asen filed suit against Circle K for injuries suffered by our client after he was assaulted inside a Circle K convenience store and later shot by the assailant.  The store clerk witnessed the assault but failed to call the police, allowing the assailant to later shoot and almost kill our client. Click here for the federal complaint.
  • Convery and Gustafson v. Town of Wells: Gideon Asen filed suit against the Town of Wells under the Maine Torts Claims Act. We represent the individuals who were catastrophically injured after being hit at a high speed by Joshua Burton, a man who had recently stolen a vehicle and was being pursued at high speeds by the Wells Police. The Complaint, which is available here, alleges that the decision to pursue Burton at a high speed was negligent and proximately caused the crash.
  • Michael Whittier and Nancy Whittier v. Central Maine Medical Center:  Gideon Asen recently filed suit in Androscoggin County in a case on behalf of a male client in his fifties who developed prostate cancer that spread into his bladder, because his medical provider failed to inform him of the results of a prostate specific antigen (PSA) performed years’ earlier which showed that he likely had cancer.  As a consequence, the cancer, which would have been curable had it been treated early, was allowed to grow and spread for years without treatment, resulting in a likely fatal prognosis.  Click here for the full complaint.
  • John Fitzgerald v. North Shore Pain Management: In March, Gideon Asen, along with Massachusetts Local Counsel, filed suit in Massachusetts Superior Court, alleging that our client suffered spinal cord injury and paralysis in a procedure performed by a pain management clinic to address our client’s neck pain.  The procedure, called, “Radio Frequency Ablation,” involves placing a needle probe under x-ray guidance to burn away nerve roots that are generating pain.  In this case, the doctor negligently inserted the needle into the patient’s spinal canal and directly injured the spinal cord. Click here for the full complaint.
  • Julia Russell V. Phillip Augustus Chenevert II: Gideon Asen represents a woman filing suit against Phillip Augustus Chenevert II for alleged sexual abuse during her childhood. Two other women are prepared to testify against the defendant for similar encounters when they were young. Russell claims that the events have caused her severe emotional distress. Because of this, Russell is pursuing compensatory and punitive damages from Mr. Chenevert. Click here for more information on the case.