Auburn Child Injury Lawyer

While it is every parent’s worst nightmare, children are hurt in accidents every day. Discovering that another person’s negligence caused the child’s injuries only makes the situation more devastating. However, adults owe a legal duty of care to children, and, like adults, children deserve financial compensation when someone’s breach of this duty results in harm.

If your child was seriously injured, your primary focus should be caring for them while they recover. An Auburn child injury lawyer can help you hold the negligent parties accountable and protect your children’s legal rights. Our attorneys understand the unique circumstances that arise in child injury lawsuits. Therefore, if another party’s negligence may have played a role in your child’s injuries, discuss your case with a qualified personal injury attorney at Gideon Asen, LLC.

Liability in Child Injury Cases

Children often suffer injuries because an adult or caretaker failed to take the proper precautions to protect their safety. This includes medical professionals, teachers, and school bus drivers. Accidents that may lead to children suffering injuries include:

It is not always clear who bears responsibility in a child injury lawsuit. Still, an experienced Auburn attorney can investigate the circumstances and determine what parties, if any, could be held legally liable for a child’s injuries.

Premises Liability

Property owners can be held liable for a child’s injuries if they fail to safeguard an attractive nuisance on their property. An attractive nuisance is something on a property that might attract children but poses a clear danger. For example, a swimming pool without a fence or locked gate, playgrounds, and abandoned property are all considered attractive nuisances to children.

Product Liability

Children may also suffer harm because of a defective or dangerous product. Some examples include defective car seats, strollers, cribs, clothing, or unsafe toys. In product liability cases, the manufacturer or retailer of unsafe products could be held liable for a child’s injuries.

Pursuing Compensation on an Injured Child’s Behalf

State law gives parents and legal guardians the right to file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their child. An experienced child injury attorney in Auburn can negotiate with insurance companies or assist family members in taking legal action to pursue compensation.

A capable attorney can also help ensure compensation passes directly to the victim or is otherwise protected in cases involving young children. A settlement or damage award is often placed in a trust or other financial account until the child becomes a legal adult. Injured children and their families should know that the statute of limitations for these cases is reasonably generous, giving victims six years from the date of injury to file a claim.

Discuss Your Claim with an Auburn Child Injury Attorney

As a parent or guardian, you want to help your child recover as soon as possible, but the medical expenses and other costs may be overwhelming. While no amount of money can make up for what happened to your child, an Auburn child injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover these costs.

Our attorneys understand how devastating accidents involving children can be, and we are here to advocate for your child’s best interests. Contact Gideon Asen, LLC now to schedule a consultation.