Auburn Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks and bites often cause severe bodily harm as well as serious mental and financial consequences. That said, under the law, a dog owner is liable for the harm their animal causes after an attack.

When a dog bite results in your injuries, you might have a valid case for monetary compensation against the owner of the animal. A dedicated personal injury attorney can help determine whether a lawsuit is possible. Before you attempt to handle your case on your own, discuss your options with an Auburn dog bite lawyer.

When is a Pet Owner at Fault for a Dog Attack?

In Auburn, dog owners are held to an expectation known as a “strict liability” standard when their animal attacks someone. While some states only hold dog owners liable when their negligence causes their pet to attack someone, the strict liability standard differs.

Under this standard, the plaintiff only needs to prove two elements to reach a successful case outcome. First, the victim must prove that the defendant’s dog caused their injury. Second, the victim must prove they did not prompt the dog to attack them. In other words, a claim might not be viable if the victim was trespassing or provoked the animal.

These legal claims are not limited to injuries caused by dog bites. Any time a dog injures a person, it could serve as a basis for a personal injury lawsuit, including in situations where an animal knocks someone to the ground. In addition to bodily injuries, compensation could be available for any personal property the dog damaged. A knowledgeable attorney in Auburn will evaluate a dog attack and work to prove that the victim did not provoke the animal.

Recoverable Compensation After a Dog Attack

Working with a dedicated Auburn lawyer following a canine bite can make it much easier for a victim to collect fair compensation for their injuries. When the victim succeeds in their civil claim against the dog owner, they can recover the following damages:

Lost Wages

Being unable to work after a dog attack can create a tremendous financial strain for the victim and their family, especially when dealing with pain, infections, or other complications that come with a dog bite. Fortunately, a lawsuit could help recoup the wages the victim lost because of their injuries.

Medical Cost

Treating dog bite injuries can be expensive, often including emergency room care and ongoing treatment to cover infections, nerve damage, or other lasting health complications. A successful claim could compensate the victim for their medical expenses.

Pain and Suffering

The victim may also be able to recover damages for physical pain and suffering after being injured by a canine. While these damages might be subjective, an experienced attorney in Auburn could help the jury understand how the dog attack impacted the victim’s overall quality of life.

Speak With a Dog Bite Attorney in Auburn Today

As a dog bite victim, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Holding the owner of the dog who hurt you accountable is possible, but the process is not always easy.

Let an Auburn dog bite lawyer help you pursue compensation for your attack. Call right away to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our legal team members and get started on your case.