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Local Woman Awarded $2.4 Million After Procedural Error at Bangor Hospital
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Local Woman Awarded $2.4 Million After Procedural Error at Bangor Hospital

In a recent verdict at the Penobscot County Judicial Center, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center was found liable for medical malpractice. A jury awarded Louise Brown, a resident of Frenchville, Maine, $2.4 million after a mistake during a routine procedure in 2019. The error resulted in permanent injuries to her left arm.

Breakdown of the Case

In February 2019, Brown underwent an endoscopic procedure at Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) while under anesthesia. During the procedure, medical staff failed to secure her left arm properly, causing crushing injuries.

Pictures presented during closing arguments depicted severe bruising and cuts on her forearm, which had since atrophied and darkened. Brown’s attorney highlighted her ongoing pain due to complex regional pain syndrome, which severely impacts her daily life.

Brown filed a lawsuit in 2021 against both EMMC and the certified registered nurse anesthetist (Stacey Bruckler) involved in the procedure. The lawsuit went to trial after a settlement could not be reached.

After a five-day trial, the jury found EMMC liable for Brown’s injuries and awarded her $2.4 million in damages. The jury did not find Bruckler responsible.

Key Points of Contention

The jury held Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center responsible for the injury, absolving the nurse anesthetist from liability. During closing arguments, attorney Ed Gould argued the hospital’s medical negligence, urging the jury to recognize its responsibility.

EMMC questioned the severity of Brown’s pain by citing private investigator footage showing her using her arm on occasion. Brown’s lawyer argued this was minimal use and the investigation unfairly targeted her.

The Outcome

The jury ultimately sided with Brown, awarding her a substantial amount to compensate for her injuries and chronic pain. This case highlights the importance of proper patient care during medical procedures and the potential consequences of negligence.

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