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Nationally Recognized Attorneys Respond to Lewiston Shooting
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Nationally Recognized Attorneys Respond to Lewiston Shooting

In the wake of the recent Lewiston shooting, two nationally recognized attorneys, known for their successful litigation surrounding mass shootings, visited Maine. During their visit, attorneys Jamal Alsaffar and Josh Koshkoff advocated for civil litigation as a means to justice for the victim’s families.

Jamal Alsaffar, based in Texas, elaborated on his experience representing victims from the 2017 Sutherland Springs church shooting, which resulted in a $144 million settlement. Alsaffar emphasized the importance of holding the federal government accountable for failing to prevent people who display concerning behavior from obtaining weapons. Drawing parallels between the Lewiston and Sutherland Springs cases, Alsaffar highlighted the similarities in the gunmen’s military background, mental health history, and absence from the FBI’s database.

At a Lewiston panel discussion led by local attorney Ben Gideon, Alsaffar and Koshkoff discussed their efforts to challenge the gun industry, as well as the federal government in their complacency. Josh Koshkoff challenged the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which grants near-total immunity to gun manufacturers during his $73 million dollar lawsuit against Remington for their involvement in the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Both attorneys stressed the need for accountability and transparency from public officials about the recent shooting to ensure public safety while also emphasizing the industry and federal government’s responsibility to initiate reform. They acknowledged that determining accountability for the Lewiston shooting would take time but urged ongoing conversations to cultivate change for communities affected by consistent mass shooting incidents. If you have been affected a shooting, contact our dedicated and compassionate lawyers today.