Auburn Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries are among the most severe injuries a person may suffer. These injuries typically require expensive medical treatment, often for the remainder of your life. After a spinal cord injury diagnosis, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to afford medical bills or time off work.

The legal team at Gideon Asen, LLC, is here to help. An Auburn spinal cord injury lawyer from our firm can review the circumstances of your incident and determine if you have grounds to seek compensation. While money cannot make up for what you have gone through, damages could help you cover the costs associated with your injuries. A qualified attorney can diligently investigate the cause of your accident and guide you from start to finish of your legal proceedings.

Impact of Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord, vertebrae, discs, or tissue can have both immediate and life-long consequences for victims and their families. The spine connects the brain to the other parts of the body, and damaging this connection can lead to a range of complications, including loss of mobility and sensation. The severity of a spinal cord injury will depend on the location of the injury and the seriousness of the trauma the victim suffered. The higher on the spine the injury occurs, the more devastating the effects will likely be.

An injury can be complete or incomplete based on the damage a victim suffers to their spinal cord. A complete spinal injury severs the nerve function, while victims with incomplete spinal cord injuries retain some control over their nerves. Complete and incomplete injuries to the spine can lead to paralysis. Forms of paralysis include paraplegia, or loss of movement from the waist down, and quadriplegia, a total loss of movement. Whenever someone suffers a spinal cord injury, they should consult an Auburn attorney to discuss their legal options for compensation.

Pursuing Compensation After a Spinal Cord Injury

Any traumatic accident can cause a spinal cord injury. Depending on the circumstances, various parties could be responsible for your injuries and held liable through an injury claim. Common incidents that serve as the basis for legal action include:

Typically, victims can recover compensatory damages for any economic or non-economic harm they suffered from the incident. This includes the cost of medical care, lost income or earning potential, assisted living equipment such as a wheelchair, and modifications to a person’s home to accommodate this equipment. Victims can also seek restitution for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and reduced quality of life. A knowledgeable lawyer serving Auburn can help those who have suffered from a spinal cord injury determine who is liable for their related losses.

Discuss Your Case With an Auburn Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

When someone else’s negligence causes you to suffer a spinal cord injury, you may be entitled to compensation that covers both your present and anticipated future costs. There are many factors involved in an injury lawsuit, and discussing your case with an attorney can ensure all of your needs are taken into consideration.

If you or a family member have sustained a spinal cord injury, reach out to an Auburn spinal cord injury lawyer to go over your legal rights and how to move forward. Contact Gideon Asen, LLC today to schedule a consultation.