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Settlement Reached in Medical Malpractice Case Against CMMC
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Settlement Reached in Medical Malpractice Case Against CMMC

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A settlement in a recent legal suit has shed light on the importance of medical accountability and patient rights. Poland native Michael Whittier alleged that the doctors at Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) were negligent in diagnosing and treating his cancer. During the trial in Androscoggin County’s Superior Court, the court reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum of money.

Whittier’s attorney, Ben Gideon, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of their case. “I can tell you that my clients were satisfied with the settlement and we were able to accomplish our goal in the courtroom of demonstrating the strength of our case which I think was quite overwhelming in favor of my clients,” Gideon said.

Whittier’s Legal Battle for Patient Rights

The case revolved around alleged negligence dating back to 2016 when a doctor at CMMC noted that Whittier had an enlarged prostate. Subsequent laboratory tests at another hospital indicated significantly elevated prostate-specific antigen levels, suggesting a high risk for prostate cancer. Despite the second hospital notifying the Whittier’s physicians of his results, CMMC failed to report this finding to him, nor recommend him any further evaluation.

Whittier visited the same physician over a year later for his annual physical, and while the records noted the continued enlarged prostate and a need for further testing, there was still no order for any follow-up treatment.

The Allegations Against CMMC

According to the civil complaint, CMMC failed Whittier by not reporting his test results, informing him of potential risks, or recommending essential follow-up care for his condition. Over multiple visits, CMMC failed to take any action. This negligence continued when they failed to properly upload critical lab results into their medical record system during an update.

Because of the hospital’s negligence, Whittier’s cancer diagnosis was significantly delayed until 2020, when he was finally referred to a urologist. The urologist ordered a biopsy revealing prostate cancer that had already spread. In the following year Whittier underwent surgery, but unfortunately the cancer’s damage had already been done. According to the plaintiff’s medical consultants, the hospital deviated from the standard of care by disregarding his test results and failing to order follow-up treatment.

Case Result

Justice was served in the form of a settlement, one that Gideon said was “not insignificant.” Whittier’s case serves as a victory for justice and a call to medical professionals to ensure patient wellbeing and care. When you face a similar situation or believe your doctor failed to protect you, call our attorneys as soon as possible.