Bangor Utility Accident Lawyer

Utility accidents occur because of low-hanging electrical wires, punctured gas lines, defective mechanical equipment, power plants, or any hazardous utility conditions causing harm to people. Sadly, these accidents often have devastating consequences, including life-threatening injuries causing permanent disabilities or death.

You could be eligible for compensation for damages when you sustain injuries in a utility accident; a talented personal injury attorney could help you through the process. Call a Seasoned Bangor utility accident lawyer for more information.

What Are Utility Accidents?

Utilities companies and contractors have an essential job: they provide reliable services to ensure everyone has electricity, gas, and more. Although necessary, electricity and other utilities are inherently dangerous, frequently causing fires, shock, or explosions.

Therefore, the government regulates the providers, requiring them to adhere to public safety rules and regulations and regular inspections. When the agencies fail to follow the safety guidelines and accidents occur, the court holds them financially responsible for the damages.

Power Lines and Electrocution Accidents

Power lines present many severe risks to workers and the public. High-voltage electric utility transmission lines are hazardous without the proper maintenance and upkeep.

Electrical accidents are catastrophic, having devastating consequences on the injured person and their entire family. Therefore, electric companies and city officials have a legal and moral obligation to prevent avoidable accidents. Schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer in Bangor to learn more about common utility incidents.

Severe Electric Shock, Electrocution, and Burn Injury Examples

Electric shock can happen for many reasons, including electrical wire wear and tear, causing unsafe conditions. Common electric shock, electrocution, or burn injuries include the following:

  • Severe burns causing permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Heart attack and cardiac arrest
  • Severe organ damage and internal bleeding
  • Nerve, deep tissue, and muscle damage
  • Permanent brain damage
  • Wrongful death

A knowledgeable lawyer in Bangor could review the injuries of the person involved in the utility accident and demand appropriate compensation from the at-fault party.

Determining Fault After a Utility Accident

The at-fault party in utility accident claims depends on the specifics of the case. The utility company responsible for upkeep or the landowner are often the defendants in these lawsuits. Sometimes, utility companies are a division of local government, meaning the plaintiff must file suit against a state agency.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Lawsuits Filed Against a Local Government?

The statute of limitations governs the time to file a lawsuit for damages resulting from negligence. While the time frame for a civil action is usually six years, different guidelines apply when filing a suit against government agencies. According to Maine Revised Statutes Title 14, § 8110, the claimant must file the suit within two years of the accident. The petitioner must also notify the government agency or individual within one year of the incident before filing the lawsuit.

The court bars the injured person from recovering compensation when they file after the statutory deadline. A dedicated utility accident attorney in Bangor handles the legal paperwork on the plaintiff’s behalf to ensure compliance with these filing regulations.

Call an Experienced Utility Accident Attorney in Bangor

When someone is careless and causes you harm, such as bodily injury or property damage, civil law entitles you to seek action against the at-fault party.

Schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable Bangor utility accident lawyer when you have questions or need help with a case. We are ready to help you fight for justice in your case.