VESPA/Motor scooter Accidents in Portland

Motor scooters can be a fun, fuel-efficient way for a single person to get around Portland. However, they are smaller than other vehicles on the road, which makes them vulnerable to accidents. Beyond this, recalled and deficient parts or models can cause wrecks.

Motor scooter riders, just like other vehicle operators, have rights that must be respected, and violating these can lead to serious injuries. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one are hurt in VESPA/motor scooter accidents in Portland, rest assured that there are experienced motorcycle accident attorneys who can help. We are ready to help you secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses.

Motor Scooters and Safety

Motor scooters have smaller engines and thus lower acceleration than motorcycles. This can make them safer because they have a reduced ability to speed. However, riders are only protected by any protective clothing they may be wearing.

VESPA operators and riders may be required to wear helmets, but only if they are novices or under the age of 18. Still, just because a rider was not wearing a helmet does not mean that they are at fault for their injuries from a motor scooter crash in Portland. In addition, riders may be entitled to compensation for damages regardless of whether they had safety gear on.

Other Drivers Can Endanger VESPA/Motor Scooter Riders

Collisions in Portland can occur due to various reasons, including operator error and the failure of other drivers to respect motor scooter road rights. VESPAs are allowed to take up the full length of a roadway lane, but they must stay as far right as possible and only in a single file. This not only makes them more visible to others on the road but also helps prevent accidents. It is a shared responsibility for all vehicles on the road to respect and follow these laws, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Insurance Coverage for Motor Scooters

In Portland, motor scooters are registered vehicles. Thus, they must be insured for potential crashes if operated on public roads. However, Maine is a “fault” state, meaning that if a VESPA is involved in an accident with another vehicle, the owner must seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company.

It is the insurance company’s job to pay the least amount it can, and what it may offer may not be enough. In this case, the motor scooter operator may want to seek help from the court.

Modified Comparative Negligence

Maine follows the “modified comparative negligence” rule, meaning that when a court must determine if a plaintiff is entitled to compensation from a defendant, the plaintiff must be less than 51% at fault for the collision. Our team knows how to assess a case to determine if a court will issue compensation. If so, a personal injury lawyer will help the rider determine the amount they can recover and then enact that plan.

Reach Out to a Portland Motor Scooter Crash Attorney for Assistance

When you are injured in a VESPA wreck, you have six years to file a lawsuit. It is best to seek professional help during that time because evidence and witnesses could become unavailable, affecting your ability to recover losses.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in VESPA/motor scooter accidents in Portland, contact Giden Asen, LLC today for a free consultation. Our team is prepared to help you get the money you need to address your medical bills and other losses.