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When you are hurt at work in a utility accident, you may assume that your legal options are limited due to workers’ compensation laws. While you might not be able to pursue legal action when an accident is your employer’s or co-worker’s fault, you may have a viable legal case against a third party that contributed to your accident.

You deserve legal counsel that is not afraid to fight for your rights after a utility accident. A practiced personal injury attorney will advise you on the third parties that could bear liability for your damages and demand appropriate compensation from them. Let a Portland utility accident lawyer assist you with pursuing your injury case.

Utility Accidents and Injury Lawsuits

The reality for many public utility employees is that there are times when a work-related injury does not justify viable personal injury lawsuit. Employers and co-workers are generally protected from litigation based on the terms of the state’s workers’ compensation laws.

Workers’ compensation laws provide some benefits in the case of a workplace accident, but these damages are limited. The good news is that there are often opportunities to pursue legal action against negligent third parties when these accidents happen. A hardworking Portland attorney could help pursue compensation following a utility accident and fight for the maximum restitution possible.

Multiple third parties could bear fault for a utility accident. For example, when an employer hires a third party—like an engineer or architect—they might not be covered by workers’ compensation rules.

A utility accident can occur due to dangerous or defective mechanical equipment. When this type of equipment fails, it may be possible to pursue an injury lawsuit against the maker or manufacturer. Because these parties are not employers or co-workers, the victim can pursue a claim against them outside the workers’ compensation system.

Evidence Used at Trial

To secure compensation following a utility accident, a diligent attorney in Portland must develop evidence that establishes negligence. Proving these claims against third parties can be challenging, especially when the at-fault parties are not immediately clear.

These investigations generally begin with a report surrounding the utility accident. Even though a lawsuit against the employer is likely out of the question, the report provided by the employer could be a valuable piece of evidence. An attorney could use these reports as a starting point to determine how the accident occurred.

It can take time to determine what evidence of negligence is important. It can also take time to determine who has the evidence in question. The sooner an injury victim hires an attorney, the sooner their legal counsel can send a preservation letter to the possible defendants. This letter requires the defendant to preserve all useful evidence and documentation in anticipation of a lawsuit.

It is also necessary to build evidence that proves the value of the case. The most common example of evidence related to damages is the injury victim’s medical records. Testimony that explains the impact the injury had on the victim’s quality of life could also be important.

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When a utility accident results in your injury, you could have more legal options than you realize. Outside of the workers’ compensation system, several parties could be liable for your injuries. A Portland utility accident lawyer could help you file a lawsuit and pursue the damages you deserve. Reach out for a private consultation today.