Portland Bicycle Accident Lawyer

 Riding a bike in the Portland area can be a dangerous activity. Even though Maine state laws provide bike riders with the same protection while on the road as all other travelers, many drivers do not give them the respect that they deserve. Even if a bike rider follows the appropriate rules of the road and wears all recommended safety equipment, they may still suffer severe injuries because of the negligence of others.

If you have endured an injury on your bicycle due to the poor driving of a motorist, contact a Portland bicycle accident lawyer today. An experienced personal injury attorney is prepared to explain your rights under the law, determine why another driver was to blame for a collision, and pursue your case for the fair compensation that you deserve.

Why Are Crashes Involving Bike Riders so Common?

The simple fact is that bike riders must share the road with motor vehicles. Because of this, the law says that bicyclists have the same obligation to follow the local traffic laws as all other travelers. In many cases, this places them in direct opposition to other drivers who may not give bike riders the protection that they deserve.

In addition, many special rules exist to protect bicyclists. Drivers of motor vehicles can never move into bike lanes and must yield to bicyclists at all appropriate times. It is a failure to follow these rules that contribute to many accidents. If a driver violates a traffic law and is involved in a collision, that driver is most likely to blame for the crash.

However, the law will never presume fault for an accident. In fact, Maine Court Procedure – Civil § 156 allows defendant drivers and their insurance companies to allege that a bike rider shares some or all of the blame for the crash. If a court believes this argument, it may reduce or even negate an award of compensation. A Portland bicycle accident attorney can provide more information about bike crashes, what a rider needs to prove to show liability, and how insurance companies may fight back against these allegations.

Compensation Available to Insured Cyclists in Portland

As with any other lawsuit, the purpose of a bike accident case and is to obtain the payments that an injured person needs to cover their financial losses and any other losses they endured. This requires those people to measure how the event has impacted their life and connect those changes to their experiences in the accident.

All cases will revolve around a physical injury. In bike crashes, these can include concussions, broken bones, spinal cord or brain damage, or even paralysis. In every instance, a driver who causes a crash must provide payment for all needed medical care.

These crashes can also have an impact on other parts of a person’s life. They may experience mental traumas connected to the event that leave them with nightmares or a hesitancy to get back on a bike. They could also lose out on significant income if they are unable to return to work. Hiring a Portland bike accident lawyer can improve the chances of receiving full compensation.

Contact a Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney Now

Bike crashes can come with serious consequences. Not only could you suffer harsh physical injuries, but your emotional well-being and ability to support your family may also be at risk. Motorists have a duty to protect bike riders in the same way that they do other travelers but the burden of proving fault in these cases is always the plaintiff’s responsibility.

A Portland bike accident lawyer is ready to help you prove your case and collect the compensation that you deserve. We investigate the reason for the collision, measure your losses, and demand fair payments through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Reach out to us today to learn more.