Fatigued Truck Drivers in Portland Accidents

Truck drivers are the backbone of the American economy, transporting goods nationwide, ensuring people can access their wants and needs. The job is stressful and demanding, which can make it dangerous, not just for the truckers but other people on the road. Truckers have tight deadlines that unexpected delays from traffic or weather can impact. They may skip sleep to meet these targets.

Driving while sleepy is as risky as driving drunk. Just like being intoxicated, driving tired may be distracting, cause a slower reaction time, and a lack of coordination. In addition, they may fall asleep behind the wheel. All these factors make accidents more likely and can increase the danger of a collision. If you have been injured because of a drowsy driver, a knowledgeable truck accident attorney can explain your remedies. Our team is experienced in handling cases involving fatigued truck drivers in Portland.

Drivers Must Stay Alert

People can think of their last road trip to understand why drowsy driving is a risk for truckers. The monotony of the open road and the sedentary days can lull people into a sleepy state. However, drivers must stay alert, especially when handling big rigs. It can be stressful, particularly in high traffic, which can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Dull conditions and stress can lead to exhaustion. Drivers may be tired but unable to sleep during mandatory rest sessions, which results in them being barely able to function by the end of a work week. Sadly, truckers may turn to substances, legal and illegal, to help them sleep and stay awake.

Even though federal regulations dictate how much a driver can work in a week, some companies will set unrealistic shipping deadlines. They know that if a trucker encounters an unexpected delay, they will have to keep driving during their mandated rest time to make up the difference. An attorney should examine employer policies when investigating a fatigued truck driver wreck in Portland because the employer may share some liability for the claim.

Federal Regulations

Proving drowsy driving may be easier than people think when a truck driver is involved. Federal regulations mandate how long a trucker can drive in a day and specific period, as well as required breaks.

Unfortunately, enforcement of these regulations is somewhat of a farce. Truckers have a log book and record their driving and resting hours. Theoretically, the log books would reveal any regulation violations, but if a trucker does not follow these rules, it is unlikely they will record their behavior accurately.

A lawyer may need to conduct an outside investigation to support a claim that the truck driver was drowsy. They can use stops at gas stations or resting points, and mileage counters, to help determine whether the trucker was complying with regulations. An attorney must examine all evidence in a Portland fatigued trucker collision claim.

Find out More About Fatigued Trucker Accidents in Portland and Get Legal Support

The injured party of a drowsy driving crash may not have any idea if the driver was sleepy at the time of the incident, due to the adrenaline rush. Witness reports can help back up that the trucker was sleepy or otherwise impaired if they were drifting out of lanes or engaging in negligent behavior. Fortunately, a lawyer can use this evidence to help back up a claim. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about fatigued truck drivers in Portland accidents.