Rollover Truck Accidents in Portland

There are roughly 1,500 commercial truck accidents in Maine each year, some of which are rollover wrecks. Rollovers are rare, even for top-heavy commercial semis, but when they do occur, they can cause severe injuries to the trucker and others on the road.

When you have been injured in a rollover accident, you may be entitled to compensation. In addition to the trucker being liable, other parties may have contributed to the crash and may share financial responsibility for your injuries. Improper maintenance loading and negligence from other drivers can increase a trucker’s chance of an overturn. Speak to a seasoned truck crash attorney about legal remedies after experiencing a rollover truck accident in Portland.

Why Trucks Rollover

The lower a vehicle’s center of gravity, the less likely it is to tip over when impacted by some external force. With a high center of gravity, it takes less to imbalance the vehicle. Big rigs have a high center of gravity, which puts them at a significant risk of overturns. Speeding, crashes, bad weather, and obstacles on the road may all be factors in a rollover. In addition, trucker negligence plays a role in some rollover accidents.

Even when trucker negligence is not the only cause of a rollover, it often contributes to it. The faster an 18-wheeler moves, the more difficult it is to control and the greater its momentum. Because of this, speeding trucks are more likely to tip than those going the speed limit.

Hitting an obstacle, known as tripping, can cause the vehicle’s wheels to leave the ground, and if there is sufficient momentum, the truck can tip over. Even small obstacles like potholes can increase the risk of tripping, and a trucker may be unable to avoid them all. Likewise, if a vehicle hits a semi, that impact can lead to a rollover. In both circumstances, a third party may be liable for the damages from an overturned truck wreck in Portland.

Injuries From Rollover Truck Accidents

Anytime a vehicle’s wheels leave the ground, they can tip onto their side or top. A rollover can involve partial, full, or multiple rotations, causing significant injury to anyone in the vehicle. Overturned vehicle crashes are the deadliest type of collision for truckers, due to the weight and size of the truck’s rigs.

Rollovers can also be dangerous for other people on the road. The truck is entirely out of control, and the trailer often will travel in multiple lanes of traffic. The truck may hit and even roll over onto other vehicles. The chance of serious injuries or death is high, with some of the most common being:

These collisions often involve injuries to multiple people, which can make the scene chaotic for first responders. In addition, injured people are unlikely to be able to gather their own evidence at the scene, so a lawyer may need to do substantial accident reconstruction in a Portland truck rollover claim.

Get Assistance From an Experienced Attorney After an Overturned Truck Accident in Portland

After an overturned truck collision, you may be facing pain, a lengthy recovery, emotional trauma, and disruption to your life. Under those circumstances, an offer from a trucker’s insurance company can seem generous. However, you should never accept a settlement offer before consulting an attorney. The damages from rollover truck accidents in Portland can be extensive, resulting in lifelong medical expenses, lost wages, and more. A lawyer can help you get the compensation you need for recovery, so schedule a free consultation to learn more.