Hit and Run Car Accidents in Bangor

Car crashes can be traumatic, especially when the other driver fails to stop after the collision. While it is a common misconception that there is no way to recover a payment when the at-fault driver leaves the accident scene, there are options for you.

A diligent auto wreck attorney who is experienced with hit and run car accidents in Bangor could review your case and help you collect a payout for your damages and losses. Call us at Gideon Asen today to schedule a consultation.

Reasons People Leave the Scene of Accidents

Some of the typical reasons people may choose to leave the scene of accidents includes:

  • Impaired driving
  • Fight or flight reaction
  • Currently on driving probation
  • Lack of adequate automobile insurance
  • Fear of the other drivers involved in the collision
  • Driving without a license because of a suspension or revocation

An attorney familiar with hit and run car crashes in Bangor can investigate to determine the cause of the accident and help collect a just award for damages.

Motorists Must Stop After Collisions

Running from the scene of an accident is unlawful and could result in civil and criminal penalties. Under the guidance of 29-A Maine Revised Statutes § 2253, vehicle operators must stop after collisions, whether the other car’s driver is present or not. The statute requires the driver to provide their information, including name, address, and vehicle registration information.

They must also give the other driver their insurance provider information. Most cases with a motorist who fails to stop involve the at-fault driver running. However, that is not always the case. Other drivers may flee the scene because they are intoxicated or for different reasons.

When the motorists cannot stop where the accident occurred, they must pull over at the earliest time it is safe. In Bangor, penalties for hit and run accidents when severe bodily harm occurs could mean spending up to five years in prison.

Recovering Settlements After a Hit-and-Run

State laws require that all drivers carry uninsured motorists (UM) automobile insurance coverage. The policies must include $50,000 per person with $100,000 for every accident.

When another driver fails to stop after a collision, motorists could file a claim under their personal auto insurance policy under UM coverage to collect the cost of damages. An attorney experienced in Bangor hit and run car crashes can handle the insurance company communications and help collect a fair settlement amount.

Time Limit To File an Insurance Claim

The civil statute of limitations sets an expiration date for filing an insurance claim. Under the legislation, the deadline for accidents involving a driver who fails to stop is six years. Failing to pursue damages before the statute expires usually means losing eligibility to recover a settlement from insurance providers or the civil court.

Speak to an Attorney About Bangor Hit and Run Car Accidents

It can be confusing and infuriating when you are in an accident with careless motorists, especially when they flee the accident scene. Fortunately, you still have options even if the police cannot determine who the other driver was. State laws require motorists to carry UM insurance, which can be used to cover damages after an accident with a driver who fails to stop as the statute requires and leaves the scene of the accident.

While there are options, working with a legal professional at Gideon Asen can help you recover the full settlement amount to cover your damages and losses. Call one of our knowledgeable lawyers experienced with hit and run car accidents in Bangor to discuss your case today.