Rear-End Car Accidents in Bangor

Rear-end car crashes happen when a driver runs into the back of another vehicle. They almost always occur because of driver negligence, such as driving distractions, including texting. While many collisions are minor, and neither driver suffers severe bodily harm, these accidents sometimes have serious consequences.

If you suffered serious physical harm because of negligence, you have every right to expect the liable party to cover your financial damages. Schedule a consultation with a diligent automobile accident attorney at Gideon Asen who is experienced in rear-end car accidents in Bangor.

Common Rear-End Car Collision Causes

Rear-end collisions happen in Bangor for many of the same reasons that other crashes occur, and some of the most common causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving
  • Driving without adequate rest
  • Distracted motor vehicle operators
  • Reckless and aggressive driving, like tailgating
  • Failing to adhere to traffic rules and regulations

Distractions and impaired driving are among the most common causes of crashes, and recovering damages involves establishing negligence to the insurance company or civil court.

Typical Injuries

Some of the typical injuries that occur in rear-end automobile collisions include:

The severity of injuries and other losses depends on the speed at which a driver was traveling when they rear-ended the car in front of them.

Determining Who Is at Fault For a Rear-End Accident

Determining fault after a car crash requires a thorough investigation, including speaking to witnesses and reviewing video footage if available. Sometimes, it also involves accident scene recreation.

An attorney skilled in handling rear-end car crashes in Bangor could investigate whether the other party was distracted or impaired. They could help collect the evidence needed to establish liability and fair damages.

Modified Comparative Fault

More than one motorist commonly shares fault for car crashes, and holding some responsibility does not bar the injured person from recovery. Under the guidance of the 14 Maine Revised Statutes § 156, if the injured party is 49 percent responsible or less for the crash, the civil court will diminish the award amount by that percentage. That means if the court finds the petitioner is 20 percent at fault and the total damages is $200, they could be eligible to collect $180,000 from the defendant to cover their damages and losses.

While the statute still allows the injured person to collect damages from the responsible party even if they are partly to blame for the collision, it is vital to establish the opposing party’s fault to recover a fair settlement. During the consultation, a Bangor rear-end car crash lawyer can answer questions about modified comparable fault and other applicable statutes.

Discuss Your Bangor Rear-End Car Accident Case

Rear-end car crashes are among the most common collisions nationwide. They almost always happen because of driver negligence.

You have the right to pursue payment if you were injured because of another driver’s carelessness. Schedule a meeting with a hard-working Gideon Asen attorney who is skilled in rear-end car accidents in Bangor today.