Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Bangor

The trucking industry is vital for transporting goods and other cargo, which is crucial to the nation’s economic health. While trucks are essential, these massive vehicles often cause severe collisions that result in life-threatening or fatal injuries. Because of the potential risks, federal and state agencies regulate and monitor the trucking industry closely to limit the number of collisions.

The truck’s blind spots, also called no-zones, frequently contribute to wrecks. Although truckers must check these blind spots thoroughly when switching lanes, motorists can keep themselves safe by avoiding traveling in a truck’s no-zone.

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Commercial Truck Blind-Spots

While all vehicles have blind spots, the massive size of commercial trucks means limited visibility. Truckers are trained to check each one using their mirrors thoroughly before passing another vehicle, turning, or switching lanes. The location of each no-zone includes the following:

Front of the Truck

The first blind spot is directly in front of the semi-truck and extends 20 feet. Safe operation requires that truck drivers leave plenty of room between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them.

Behind the Trailer

The blind spot directly behind the vehicle extends for approximately 30 feet. Motorists can keep themselves safe while traveling around trucks by not following them too closely.

The Vehicle’s Right Side

The largest commercial truck no-zone is on the right side of the vehicle. Drivers cannot see cars traveling on the right side of their tractor-trailer. These blind spots reach nearly three lanes over.

The Truck’s Left Side

The truck’s left side blind spot runs from the cab and extends back and over for about two lanes. While the left side no-zone is not as big as the right, it is still a substantial area.

Damages After a No-Zone Truck Crash

There is no standard amount of damages that injured people are entitled to; instead, recoverable damages depend on the specifics of the case. No-zone truck crashes often result in severe injuries and property damage, so the settlement is often substantial. The court may award compensation to cover the following:

  • Current and future medical care costs, including specialized treatments
  • Lost pay, insurance, or other benefits, as well as diminished earning potential
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Permanent disability, disfigurement, or scarring
  • Emotional anguish or loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering

A diligent attorney in Bangor could help collect the evidence needed to prove liability for a no-zone semi-truck crash and demand an appropriate compensation amount.

Serious Traffic Violations Consequences

Truck drivers must complete extensive training before operating a semi. They must have specialized skills and knowledge to drive these vehicles safely. Therefore, when a trucker in Bangor fails to check their blind spot and causes a crash, they risk getting their commercial driver’s license suspended.

According to the State of Maine Department of Secretary of State Commercial Driver License Manual, additional traffic violations could result in license suspension, including:

  • Excessive speeding, or driving 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit
  • Reckless driving, including erratic lane changes without checking blind spots or following too closely
  • Traffic offenses leading to severe or fatal injuries
  • Operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL

Two hazardous traffic violations in three years result in a CDL suspension for a minimum of 60 days. The period for three citations is a minimum of 120 days.

Meet With an Attorney in Bangor After a Blind-Spot Truck Accident

A truck’s massive size and weight can cause catastrophic damage to a standard-sized vehicle. Therefore, truckers must operate the vehicles safely by checking blind spots continuously.

You could be eligible for compensation when you sustain injuries in an avoidable accident with a truck. Schedule a consultation with a hard-working lawyer experienced with blind-spot truck accidents in Bangor to review your case