Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Bangor

Tractor-trailer accidents are common, often resulting in severe injuries because of the enormous size and weight of the vehicles. That said, truckers must follow safety rules and regulations to prevent avoidable collisions.

Unfortunately, distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents nationwide. Call our skilled truck crash attorneys at Gideon Asen, LLC when you are hurt in a wreck. A lawyer experienced in handling cases of distracted driving truck accidents in Bangor can help you fight your case and protect your rights.

What is Distracted Truck Driving?

Although truck drivers can avoid distracted driving, the number of crashes it causes continues to increase yearly. Trucking accidents result from many types of distractions, including:

Manual Trucker Distractions

Any movement or activity causing a trucker to remove one or both hands from the steering wheel is a manual distraction. These distractions include changing the radio station, drinking, or reaching for objects inside the cab of the semi.

Visual Driver Distraction

Visual distractions divert the truck driver’s eyes from the road. Visual distractions include reading signs, looking at an accident or police-related incident, or entering data into a navigation system.

Cognitive Truck Driver Distractions

Cognitive distractions take the driver’s focus off the vehicle’s safe operation. This type of distraction happens when a trucker daydreams or talks to passengers. An attorney in Bangor knowledgeable about distracted driving truck crashes could speak with witnesses or experts to establish fault for the wreck.

Recoverable Damages After a Distracted Driving Truck Wreck

Recoverable damages for truck collisions typically fall within two categories. Economic damages cover the injured person’s financial losses, such as medical care, lost pay, or medical devices.

Noneconomic damages cover losses like physical and emotional pain, loss of society or the enjoyment of life, or permanent disability. The massive size and weight of trucks make crashes in Bangor particularly severe; proving the tractor-trailer operator’s negligence led to the wreck could mean collecting a substantial settlement.

Safety Tips for Commercial Vehicle Operation

Distracted driving, including commercial vehicle operation, involves any activity that diverts the semi driver’s attention from driving safely. Any form of distraction significantly increases the risk of crashes. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA, truckers can minimize the risks of accidents by following safety tips including the following:

  • Stay focused while operating the vehicles and avoid letting objects outside of the truck distract the driver
  • Never read or send text messages while driving a truck
  • Using dispatching devices while operating a truck is hazardous
  • Federal regulations prohibit the use of handheld communication devices while driving
  • Never read, write, or use paper maps while behind the wheel of a commercial truck
  • Eating and driving while operating the vehicle can take the trucker’s eyes and focus off driving

Driver distractions include objects or actions inside or outside the truck’s cab. Sadly, these distractions quickly lead to severe, avoidable wrecks. A hardworking attorney in Bangor can gather the evidence needed to prove liability for the reckless driving truck crash and collect a settlement on the injured person’s behalf.

Call an Attorney in Bangor to Discuss Distracted Driving Truck Accidents Today

Distracted driving dramatically increases the risks of truck crashes, putting the trucker and other motorists around them in harm’s way. Regulations prohibit actions that distract the truck driver or divert their attention from safely operating the vehicle.

You have the legal right to seek damages from the negligent party when you suffer injuries in a collision with a distracted truck driver. Call today to schedule a consultation with our diligent lawyers experienced with distracted driving truck accidents in Bangor.