Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Bangor

While the front and back of cars have bumpers and other safeguards to shield them from the impact of crashes, the sides have little material for protection. When a much larger and heavier commercial truck strikes the side of a car, the outcome is often severe. When passenger vehicles collide with the side of 18-wheelers, they could slide under the vehicle, causing catastrophic injuries.

When you sustain injuries and monetary losses because of someone else’s thoughtless actions, you must hold them accountable for their actions. Our hardworking truck crash attorneys could help you throughout the process. A lawyer skilled in recovering damages for side-impact truck accidents in Banger can help you through the complex process and collect a fair settlement.

Common Injuries from T-Bone Collisions

The injuries from T-bone truck accidents depend on the speed or force of impact and where the driver or passengers are sitting where the strike occurs. Common injuries resulting from these collisions include:

  • Blunt force trauma
  • Broken, fractured, or crushed bones and traumatic amputations
  • Chest trauma and internal organ damage
  • Severe neck injuries, including breaks, torn ligaments, nerve damage, or whiplash
  • Spine or spinal cord trauma causing paralysis and permanent disability
  • A fractured skull and traumatic brain injuries

People not only suffer severe bodily harm during side-impact crashes with trucks, but the trauma also takes a significant emotional toll. An example is post-traumatic stress disorder or other anxiety disorders from the event that requires extensive treatment.

Award for Damages

Award amounts vary significantly and will depend on the case specifics. However, crashes with larger commercial vehicles often result in serious losses and significant settlements. Recoverable damages include:

  • Healthcare expenses
  • Loss of salary, benefits, and earning potential
  • Emotional trauma and distress
  • Pain and suffering

A Bangor attorney skilled with cases involving side-impact truck wrecks can provide sound legal advice and help gather the evidence needed to establish fault and the extent of damages and other losses.

Understanding Comparative Fault in Truck Crash Cases

It is typical for the defense team in accidents involving the trucking industry to argue that the plaintiff caused or contributed to the T-Bone semi-truck accident. According to Maine Revised Statutes Title 14 § 156, the civil courts follow a principle of personal injury law called comparative fault. Should the court find that the plaintiff shares equal or more fault than the defendant for the truck crash, it will bar them from recovering compensation for damages.

When an injured person in Bangor is partially responsible for a side-impact tractor-trailer accident, the court will diminish the award amount by their part of the fault. Comparative fault makes building a solid claim to establish the defendant’s negligence crucial to recovering a fair settlement. A legal representative can help build a strong claim proving the defendant is primarily at fault for the side-impact truck wreck.

Call a Capable Attorney to Learn More About Bangor Side-Impact Truck Accidents Today

Seeking damages for a tractor-trailer crash can be challenging, often presenting complex hurdles to overcome for success. Trucking companies and large corporations often have insurance agencies and aggressive legal representation fighting to minimize liability and the payout amount.

Therefore, having a dedicated lawyer to assist in handling side-impact truck accidents in Banger is essential. They can conduct an extensive investigation and rigorous analysis to build a strong case and collect the maximum potential settlement you deserve. Call our legal team members today to begin your claim for compensation.