Bad Weather Truck Accidents in Bangor

Commercial trucks transport goods across Maine every day. While these tractor trailers are essential to keep the state’s economy running smoothly, they are also susceptible to accidents caused by Maine’s poor weather conditions, among other factors.

Bad weather truck accidents in Bangor are a natural risk, especially during winter with heavy snow and ice. While injuries from these crashes may seem like nobody’s fault, driving in hazardous conditions comes with an expectation of following extra precautions. Semi-drivers who fail to meet this standard could be liable for your injuries. A truck collision attorney can help you file your claim against the responsible party.

How Bad Weather Can Lead to Truck Wrecks

Adverse weather can create difficult road conditions that increase the potential for truck collisions. The types of weather that pose the greatest risk include heavy rains, high winds, snowfall, freezing temperatures, and thick fog.

These Bangor weather conditions can make driving dangerous by altering a trucker’s ability to control their vehicle or creating obstacles that lead to crashes, such as fallen trees or traffic lights. Hazardous weather can also lead to reduced visibility, making it difficult to safely respond to a braking car or red light.

Causes of Bad Weather Truck Wrecks

Even though the weather is impossible to control, drivers can still respond to these conditions with negligence. When this behavior causes a wreck, they may owe compensation to the injured parties.

The following negligent actions are just some of the potential contributors to bad weather truck accidents:

  • Speeding
  • Driving with an obscured view due to snow or other debris on windshields
  • Not driving with proper equipment (e.g., snow tires or chains)
  • Driving with a poorly distributed load
  • Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Failing to properly maintain a truck for driving in bad weather

Beyond a trucker and their employer, others could also be responsible for the events leading up to a bad weather semi collision. For example, those who are responsible for maintaining or closing Bangor’s roads and highways during bad weather could be liable in a wreck. Depending on the facts of a particular case, this could be a government agency or their contracted third party. A seasoned lawyer can look into who might be responsible for a crash and take appropriate legal action.

A Truck Wreck Attorney’s Role in Bad Weather Cases

When truck crashes caused by weather lead to severe injury or death, a personal injury lawyer can be a crucial resource in pursuing legal remedies. They can inform injured persons or their families of the potential compensation available based on the facts and their experience. This information can help assess settlement offers from at-fault parties against the potential for a higher payout from a jury at trial.

Maine’s rule of modified comparative negligence could reduce a plaintiff’s compensation by their percentage of fault and prohibit financial award when their negligence was equal to or greater than the defendant’s. Bangor legal counsel can help with a bad weather 18-wheeler accident by navigating defenses against an injured person. For instance, they can respond effectively to arguments from defendants about the injured plaintiff’s contributory negligence.

Meet with Our Lawyers After a Bad Weather Truck Collision in Bangor

Bad weather conditions can increase the chances of a collision, especially when other motorists fail to adjust their driving. You can get help recovering compensation against those liable for your injuries by meeting with one of our attorneys.

We will discuss your potential claim and take the next step in your case, whether that is negotiating a settlement with an insurance provider or filing in court. Schedule a consultation today for help with bad weather truck accidents in Bangor.