Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Auburn

The massive length and height of commercial trucks cause the drivers to have many blind spots in four significant areas around the vehicle. When cars travel there, the trucker cannot see them. Therefore, they must carefully check each site several times before maneuvering, including lane changes.

When truck drivers are careless because of distractions or fatigue, they can fail to check each as necessary and cause a crash with other cars. When carelessness causes a severe crash, civil laws allow the injured parties to seek legal action to recover a settlement from the at-fault party. For more information, meet with a lawyer knowledgeable about blind-spot truck accidents in Auburn.

Commercial Truck No Zones

Commercial trucks have four substantial blind spots, also called no-zones, around the truck. While the drivers are trained extensively to take precautions to check them, other drivers can also help keep themselves safe by avoiding them. The four no zones are as follows:

  • Directly behind the truck from the trailer and back 30 feet
  • Directly in front of the truck for 20 feet
  • On the left side from the mirror and one lane out
  • On the right side from the mirror and two lanes out
  • A significant area to the right of the truck when they are making right-hand turns

An effective way for motorists to avoid the areas is to remember that if they cannot see the driver in the truck’s rear-view mirror, the trucker cannot see them either. Drivers should also try to avoid traveling next to trucks when they are preparing to make right-hand turns. An attorney experienced with blind-spot truck crashes in Auburn could investigate the crash and help gather the evidence needed to prove fault.

The Deadline to File a Lawsuit in Truck Crash Lawsuits

Understanding personal injury laws after a truck crash is crucial for the plaintiff to protect their rights and collect a fair settlement. One of the most essential regulations to know about is the statute of limitations, which sets a deadline for filing a lawsuit. Under the Maine Revised Statutes Title 14, § 752, the petitioner must commence legal action within six years of the cause of the case.

Missing the expiration date will usually mean losing the ability to collect damages from the negligent party. A lawyer seasoned in blind-spot truck crashes could review the regulations in Auburn and handle the legal work needed to file the lawsuit for damages.

The Comparative Negligence Rule

Maine follows the comparative negligence rule, and under the doctrine, the plaintiff can still recover damages if they share a portion of the fault. Should the court determine they share a percentage of liability, they will subtract that amount from the award for damages. However, if the court determines the plaintiff is more at fault than the defendant, they will bar them from recovery.

Schedule to Meet an Attorney Skilled in Auburn Blind-Spot Truck Accidents

Motorists, including truck drivers, are legally obligated to use caution and take care to avoid causing crashes and harm to others. The civil court will hold them financially accountable when they fail to uphold their legal duty. While every vehicle has blind spots, there are more prominent spots, called no zones, on commercial vehicles, such as semi-trucks.

The truckers must use caution to check them before maneuvering, and motorists can try to avoid traveling in those areas to prevent crashes. A lawyer experienced with blind-spot truck accidents in Auburn could help you navigate the complicated process to collect the damages you need and deserve. Call today.