Jackknife Truck Accidents in Auburn

A jackknife truck accident can have catastrophic effects, typically occurring when a trailer swings around and forms a sharp angle. These collisions frequently happen when a negligent trucker drives recklessly, leaving everyone involved with damages, such as severe injuries or property damage.

You could be eligible to collect a settlement from the careless trucker when you get hurt in an avoidable collision. A hardworking truck crash attorney could help you gather the evidence to file a claim. Schedule a meeting with a lawyer skilled in cases involving jackknife truck accidents in Auburn to learn more.

What Are Common Causes of Jackknife Truck Crashes?

Truckers must complete extensive training to obtain their commercial driver’s license CDL before getting behind the wheel of a massive tractor-trailer. One essential aspect of training is learning to prevent jackknifing, which requires daily vehicle inspections, including checking the brakes and tires and adjusting their speed depending on the current conditions. In Auburn, common causes of jackknife semi-truck crashes include the following:

  • Speeding, including traveling at fast speeds during inclement weather or around curves
  • Unstable or overweight cargo loads
  • Malfunctioning brakes or improper braking practices
  • Intoxicated or distracted driving

People nationwide sustain life-changing injuries from jackknife truck crashes. Therefore, legislation regulates the trucking industry to minimize the number of collisions.

Commercial Vehicle Rules and Regulations in Maine

The federal and state governments strictly regulate the commercial trucking industry. According to the Commercial Vehicle Laws and Regulations of the State of Maine, any vehicle used to transport property or passengers for commerce and meets the following criteria is a commercial vehicle:

  • Designed and used to carry 15 people or more
  • Has a total gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds
  • Transports hazardous material

Any agency or person operating a commercial vehicle must comply with the safety rules, including laws concerning the driver’s hours behind the wheel, maximum cargo weather, vehicle inspection and maintenance, and more.

Jackknife truck crashes can have devastating consequences and failing to follow the regulations could cause the driver or the company they work for to lose privileges to operate in Auburn. A lawyer seasoned in these types of crashes understands the rules and could help prove the agency failed to comply with regulations.

Proving Liability After a Jackknife Truck Crash

Determining liability after a jackknife tractor-trailer wreck is complex and could name multiple parties as defendants, including the trucker, truck manufacturer, trucking company, or a third party.

It is common for a claim to list two or more at-fault parties, depending on the circumstances of the crash. An attorney in Auburn experienced with jackknife big rig crashes could complete an extensive investigation to determine liability.

The Potential Damages

The settlement amount in truck crashes may be substantial because the injuries and other losses are often severe. The court may award compensation for the following:

  • The total cost of medical care and ongoing treatments and expenses
  • Lost pay, benefits, and future earning potential
  • Losing the enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering

Proving fault in truck crash cases often results in compensation for monetary and personal damages, such as pain and suffering.

Call an Attorney in Auburn to Discuss Jackknife Truck Accidents

You have the legal right to seek compensation when you suffer injuries or property damage because of a negligent trucker or other party. A lawyer knowledgeable about jackknife truck accidents in Auburn understands how the industry, regulations, and personal injury process work and could fight for the maximum potential award amount you need and deserve.

A settlement could cover medical care, lost pay, and pain and suffering. Call today to schedule a consultation.