Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Auburn

Distracted driving is a severe issue and a significant cause of crashes nationwide for all drivers, including truck drivers. Further, it is a substantial cause of fatal crashes that are entirely avoidable. When a trucker fails to follow traffic safety rules and regulations and causes wrecks, the injured parties have every right to expect them to pay for their thoughtless actions.

Personal injury laws could entitle you to compensation when a negligent truck driver causes an avoidable crash that hurts you. Call a hardworking crash lawyer skilled in distracted driving truck accidents in Auburn.

What Are Common Distractions for Truck Drivers?

According to studies completed on truck crashes occurring because of distracted driving, some of the top driver distractions in Auburn include the following:

  • Reaching for objects in the cab
  • Reading electronic communication devices, such as text messaging
  • Monitoring and adjusting navigation and other devices
  • Removing clothing while operating the vehicle
  • Reaching for or consuming food or beverages
  • Tobacco use

The three forms of driver distractions include manual, visual, and cognitive disruptions. Manual and visual distractions involve a driver taking their eyes or hands off the road or wheel. Cognitive distractions happen when the driver is not focused on operating the truck safely.

Commercial Truck Driver Manual- Distracted Driving

While crashes involving commercial trucks are less common than other collisions, they make up a significant number of fatal crashes nationwide each year. Therefore, federal and state laws prohibit truckers from operating vehicles with distractions. According to the Maine Commercial Driver’s License Manual, 2.9 – Distracted Driving, truck driver distractions are anything taking their focus and attention away from operating the vehicle safely.

Whenever driving a truck, the drivers must ensure they put their full attention into using the vehicles safely. They put themselves and everyone on the roadways at unnecessary risk of harm when truckers are distracted behind the wheel.

According to Department of Transportation DOT studies, approximately 10 percent of truck crashes occur because of truck driver distracted driving. An attorney in Auburn knowledgeable about distracted driving truck crashes could answer questions about the regulations, rules, and violations.

Maine Distracted Driving Laws

Texting or using handheld communication devices is unlawful throughout much of the country. According to Maine Revised Statutes § 2119, regulations prohibit motorists from texting while operating the vehicle, including reading, creating, or sending text messages, instant messages, or email. The state further prohibits manipulating or using any form of electronic communication device for any purpose while driving.

The only exception is for emergencies. When truckers or other motorists in Auburn need to use any electronic handheld device manually, they must find a safe location to pull over and wait until they stop and turn off the vehicle. A lawyer experienced with distracted driving big rig wrecks could investigate to determine if the driver violated federal and state laws when the collision occurred.

Speak to An Attorney in Auburn Experienced With Distracted Driving Truck Accidents

The massive size of commercial trucks makes collisions involving them particularly severe. Therefore, holding negligent truckers accountable for driving with distractions is crucial.

A lawyer who understands the severity of distracted driving truck accidents in Auburn can advocate on your behalf and help you hold the careless party financially accountable. Call today to review your case this week.