Auburn Truck Accidents Involving Icy Roads

No matter how experienced and prepared a driver is, icy roads increase the risk of a wreck. Snow, sleet, ice storms, and rain can all lead to icy roads. In other parts of the country, this risk may be limited to winter. In Maine, drivers often encounter icy roads in the fall or spring, as well.

Ice that appears unexpectedly can pose a greater risk than roads that are already icy during severe weather conditions.  When drivers can see inclement weather conditions, they often adjust their driving. However, when the weather seems fine, people may ignore the risk of icy roads. Black ice is a particular danger, leading to tons of accidents. Many people get hurt in semi crashes involving icy roads. If you are among these individuals, an Auburn truck accident lawyer can help.

Black Ice Is Dangerous For Drivers

All icy roads are hazardous, but black ice is especially dangerous. Most ice is visible because of trapped air, which gives the ice the whitish appearance that most people recognize. Black ice occurs when  water freezes rapidly on the surface of a road. The speed prevents the ice from trapping air so that it appears clear and shiny, making it more challenging to identify.

Black ice is a natural occurrence that cannot always be prevented. It can happen when rain, fog, or other moisture hits frozen roads. However, poorly maintained roads are more likely to form black ice. In those instances, whoever is in charge of road maintenance may be partially responsible for truck collisions involving ice roads in Lewiston-Auburn.

Contributing Factors in Icy Road Crashes

While black ice may be the leading cause of an accident, there are usually other elements that play a role as well. When it is freezing, drivers have a responsibility to look for ice on the roads. Truck drivers must be particularly careful because they drive heavy vehicles that can create devastating conditions if they slip or slide on the road.

When determining whether a trucker caused a wreck, it is vital to examine how they were driving at the time of the incident. Driver impairment, distractions, substance use, and speeding can all contribute to accidents. Anything that increases reaction time can mean a driver is liable, even if black ice influenced the collision.

Truckers must know driving techniques to help them deal with slippery road conditions. Any driver who starts to skid should avoid hitting the brakes — braking only increases the chance of a slide. Black ice is usually several feet long, so they should try gently steering their vehicle onto a shoulder — where there may be rocks, grass, or weeds that can provide friction. How a trucker handles a vehicle after hitting a patch of black ice can be indicative of negligence. An attorney can examine contributing factors aside from black ice in a slippery auto crash in Auburn.

Commercial Vehicles

Local drivers may be familiar with how to drive in ice, snow, and other winter weather conditions, while truckers may not. Truckers can be from out-of-state and not used to colder climates and the effects they have on the road. Even with training to deal with inclement weather conditions, experiencing it in person is different. They may not understand how much icy roads can impact driving. Given that a full tractor-trailer may outweigh a passenger vehicle by a factor of 25 or more, the impact of ice on a truck is significantly more powerful for a truck than a car.

In addition to state traffic laws, truckers need to follow federal safety regulations. Those regulations encourage truckers to pull over when weather conditions make it unsafe to drive. It is common, unfortunately, for, truckers to face pressure from employers to deliver their loads on time, regardless of weather or traffic hazards. If an employer pressures a trucker to drive in inclement weather conditions, they could share liability for an accident. After a truck wreck, an Auburn lawyer will examine the total circumstances to see if anyone shares liability with the trucker.

Get The Support You Need For Icy Road Truck Accidents in Auburn

Truck wrecks cause a disproportionate number of severe injuries and deaths each year. Icy roads increase that risk due to the truck’s ability to skid and hit multiple other vehicles. If you have been injured in an icy road truck collision, several parties may be held responsible. An injury attorney will look at road conditions, the trucker’s behavior, and whether employers or other third parties contributed to liability. Schedule a consultation to learn more about Auburn truck accidents involving icy roads.