Auburn Truck Accident Settlements

Truck wrecks often lead to severe injuries. The sheer size of commercial semis makes them much more dangerous in a traffic accident. In addition to being heavier, they often travel faster since they have longer stopping distances. So, they impact other vehicles with a tremendous amount of force. The potential injuries include everything from scrapes and bruises to paralysis or even death.

If you have been in a truck collision, you may wonder if a proposed settlement offer is fair. Consider consulting with a truck accident lawyer to find out. We can evaluate your injuries and the case facts to advise whether the settlement offer is reasonable. Contact a semi attorney at Gideon Asen LLC to ask about Auburn truck accident settlements.

Understanding Settlements

In a truck wreck claim, a settlement often refers to the dollar amount associated with that agreement. Accepting a settlement generally bars someone from seeking additional relief from the involved parties for the same incident, and some may include confidentiality clauses.

The insurance company usually offers a settlement. They may present one in the immediate aftermath of an accident, and it can be tempting to accept that offer.

Taking a settlement offer immediately can be a mistake. Understanding the extent of the injuries from an Auburn truck collision is vital before accepting a settlement. A person must know how extensive the injuries are and what medical treatment they require to assess their long-term expenses. An experienced lawyer can work to ensure that a settlement accounts for the entirety of an accident victim’s present and future losses.

How Settlements Are Calculated

A truck accident settlement amount will depend on a number of different factors. The compensation someone needs will depend on the type of injury, the amount of property damage, medical bills, emotional trauma, time away from work, and more.

When a lawyer estimates a settlement range for a truck accident in the Lewiston-Auburn area, they look at all of those factors. They compare the totality of the circumstances of a crash with similar previous wrecks to suggest an appropriate settlement amount. One of the main factors will be the anticipated future medical costs associated with the incident.

The Role of Liability in Settlement Amounts

Liability refers to who is to blame for an accident and is the most significant factor in determining a settlement amount. Under Maine Revised Statutes Annotated Title 14 § 156, parties may share liability. A person can recover for damages if they are less than 50 percent responsible for their injuries. At trial, a jury reduces the damage award to reflect the injured person’s share of the responsibility.

If an individual was primarily responsible for a wreck, they cannot recover from the trucker or their insurance company. That said, if they have a large percentage of responsibility, they can recover —but the damage award will be smaller. A lawyer assessing potential settlements for Auburn truck accidents will examine the circumstances to determine fault before providing an estimate.

Learn More About Truck Collision Settlements in Auburn

The aftermath of an accident can be confusing. You are dealing with healing, trauma, and missing wages from work. For severe collisions, you may be facing life-changing circumstances or mourning the death of a loved one. It is a terrible time to make any decisions that can impact the rest of your life. However, the realities of bills, statutes of limitations, and more can mean those decisions are necessary.

Before you agree to a settlement, you should schedule a consultation with an attorney. Our dedicated lawyers at Gideon Asen LLC can examine the crash, including fault and the extent of the injuries, and suggest a fair settlement range. Contact a lawyer today to learn more about Auburn truck accident settlements.