Dump Truck Accidents in Portland

Dump trucks help move materials in construction zones and can salt or sand roadways in icy or snowy weather. However, these vehicles can be challenging to drive, especially if truckers fail to follow safety rules.

One of the most significant errors a dump truck driver can commit is failing to lower the back of the truck before moving. Not only does this obstruct their vision, but it also impacts the vehicle’s balance, increasing the likelihood and severity of wrecks.

If you are in an accident with a dump truck, you could have substantial property damage and personal injuries. Unlike a crash with another passenger vehicle, you may have to deal with multiple parties to resolve a dispute about dump truck accidents in Portland. Rather than trying to tackle it alone, seek help from a dedicated truck collision attorney to guide you.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Like any other collision in Portland, driver error is the primary cause of dump truck wrecks. The repetitive nature of a dump truck driver’s job can lead to boredom and distracted driving. A moment’s distraction can lead to a severe accident when the vehicle is massive.

One of the most significant problems with dump trucks is that they have blind spots, especially when their backs are lifted. This leads to issues with visibility, making it harder to see vehicles beside and behind them.

Driver fatigue can also play a role in accidents. Like other construction workers, dump truck drivers often work long and demanding days. They may need to be on the job site early, and they may work extremely long hours. Since dump trucks are usually working intrastate, not interstate, they do not have the same hour restrictions as other truckers. Because of this, they operate under conditions that can increase the risk of wrecks.

Third-Party Liability in Dump Truck Collisions

If an employer requires truck drivers to work in hazardous conditions, they may share liability for the accident. Additionally, the employer is usually responsible for maintaining the vehicles. Improper vehicle maintenance can contribute to dump truck malfunctions and help create dangerous scenarios. The people responsible for maintenance may also share fault for a wreck.

Dump trucks often have to ignore regular traffic rules when they are operating. They may jump over curbs, leave construction sites, or back up on roadways. In an active construction scenario, they should have the help of others on the site to keep them from crashing into other vehicles.

This may involve people standing in the roadway directing or stopping traffic or other precautions. Sometimes, those individuals fail to do their jobs, leading to third-party liability in a dump truck crash.

Dump trucks are heavy vehicles that can be difficult to steer, stop, and maneuver. If another driver in Portland cuts them off or interferes with their proper operation, it can lead to a dump truck wreck. A lawyer may suggest filing a third-party claim against them in those instances.

Learn More about Portland Dump Truck Accidents Today

Dump truck collisions can be complicated. In addition to dealing with recovering from injuries, lost wages, and potential emotional trauma, your claim may require dealing with multiple parties.

Fortunately, you do not have to handle it on your own. A lawyer can inform you about your rights, remedies, and responsibilities after a dump truck accident in Portland. Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys today to learn more.