First Steps to Take After a Portland Truck Accident

Truck accidents can lead to massive property damage and severe injuries. Some individuals may be unable to take any action after the incident. In those situations, bystanders may need to act, getting first responders to the scene.

When you are in a wreck, contact 911 and provide emergency first aid to other injured people once you are safe to do so. The other first steps to take after a Portland truck accident are secondary to ensuring safety. Contact a hardworking truck collision attorney with Gideon Asen, LLC today to learn more.

Contact Emergency Services

The first step someone in Portland should take after a truck crash is to contact 911. Truck wrecks almost always cause significant property damage. Even if there is no visible harm, there may be hidden injuries. First responders can come to the scene and make sure no one needs emergency medical attention.

Additionally, the police should arrive at the scene of the crime. They can take photographs, question witnesses, and document the events of the accident. This information can help people in any subsequent personal injury suits related to the collision.

Take Photographic Evidence

Not every person is in a position to take photos at the scene. However, for those who are, pictures can help document the events of an accident. Bystanders who stop to help may also want to take photos. If possible, taking pictures before anyone moves any vehicles is ideal. However, that is not always realistic for safety. In those instances, try to document the location of the original accident.

Similarly, photograph all vehicles from every angle to document the damage. The pictures should include identifying information, like the license plates. While taking photos, people should document any injuries, as well as their licenses and insurance cards.

In addition, they should capture the surrounding area, including signs, intersections, traffic signals, and the condition of the street. All of the initial steps in a Portland truck accident can be necessary for a lawsuit.

Get Medical Treatment

Even when individuals do not think they need it, they should seek medical treatment. Adrenaline in an accident can mask pain, and some injuries get worse over time. For example, traumatic brain injuries can worsen because of brain swelling. Getting immediate medical treatment documents those injuries for later use in a lawsuit and can help prevent them from worsening.

First responders may release someone from the scene unless they need emergency transportation to the hospital. That does not mean they do not need additional medical care. The extent of the injury, type, and pain levels may dictate the time frame, but it is a good idea to get follow-up care within a day or two of the injury. A reliable lawyer can help their client collect all necessary documentation of their injuries for a personal injury lawsuit.

Learn More About The First Steps to Take After a Truck Accident in Portland

Getting medical care and documenting a collision are two of the most important things you can do.

Following the first steps to take after a Portland truck accident, you may want to contact a lawyer to represent your interests. Get in touch with our team of diligent personal injury attorneys at Gideon Asen, LLC today for help with your case.